iPower HPS + MH Grow Lights – 400 and 1000 watt systems

1X 1000 watt dimmable electronic ballast + 1X 1000 watt Super HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulb + 1X 1000 watt MH (Metal halide) bulb Digitally dimmable electronic ballast. 50% 75% 100% power levels Timer included 6" Standard Air Cooled Hood included 2X Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets included HPS bulb: 2,100 0K (Red light for flowering) MH bulb: 6,400 0K (Blue light for vegetative growth) Should you buy it? If you want to settle for a HPS + MH system, this is great. The main advantage is … [Read more...]

LED lights for Flowering

Specifically emits RED light of 630nm and 660nm wave lengths (Blue light of ~450nm wave length is for vegetative growth) Highly recommended to boost flowering/bloom NOT recommended as the sole source of light for growth/vegetative phase plants Suitable as a secondary light source to supplement sunlight or a predominantly 'blue' grow light 90 watt total output 50,000 hour lifespan Reviews are mostly 5 stars (out of 5) Also read our comparison of the other G8LED grow lights … [Read more...]

G8LED 8 Band Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights – 240w, 450w, 600w and 900w

Total LEDs 80 LED x 3w = 240w 80 LED x 3w = 240w 150 LED x 3w = 450w 200 LED x 3w = 600w 300 LED x 3w = 900w No of bands 8 Bands + Infra Red (IR) + Ultra Violet (UV-B) Growing or Flowering stage? Red spectrum increased to further improve flowering Growing and Flowering Growing and Flowering Growing and Flowering Growing and Flowering Coverage 6 sq feet 6 sq feet 12 sq feet 18 sq feet 24 sq feet Cost Like most other LED grow lights, G8LED costs over $1/watt. … [Read more...]

Apollo Horticulture Full Spectrum Red, Blue and IR LED Grow Light – 75w, 135w, 180w, 240w and 300w

Total LEDs 25 LED x 3w = 75w 45 LED x 3w = 135w 60 LED x 3w = 180w 80 LED x 3w = 240w 100 LED x 3w = 300w No of  bands 4 4 6 6 7 Spectra Blue (460nm), Red (610nm, 630nm) & IR (730nm) Blue (460nm), Red (610nm, 630nm) & IR (730nm) Blue (430nm, 475nm), Red (620nm, 630nm, 660nm) & IR (730nm) Blue (430nm, 475nm), Red (620nm, 630nm, 660nm) & IR (730nm) Blue (430nm, 475nm), Red (620nm, 630nm, 660nm), IR (730nm) & White Coverage 2 sq feet 4 sq feet 5 … [Read more...]

TaoTronics 240 watt Red, Blue, White, UV and IR 6-Band LED Panel

6 bands/wave lengths - Red (660nm, 630nm), Blue (425nm), White (12000K), UV (380nm) and Infra red (730nm) 80 LEDs altogether - Wattage: 3 watts per LED: 3w X 80 = 240 watts - Coverage: 3' X 2' Three built-in fans - better dissipation of heat and minimize heat to prevent heat damaging of plants 12 months warranty Recommended: as a primary or secondary light source to supplement natural light (especially for flowering); to replace existing HID lamps Must read customer review … [Read more...]