Gorilla Grow Tents

According to the manufacturer, “Gorilla Grow Tents are the Tallest, Thickest, and Strongest grow tents ever created“.

Here’s what we like about the Gorilla grow tents;

  1. Height adjustable: they have patent pending adjustable extension poles that allow you to increase the grow tent height from 7′ up to 10′ at 1 foot increments. We like this feature because it allows you to lower the height during the initial phase of growth and then to gradually increase the tent height as the plants grow. That way you have to only provide light, humidity, warmth etc. to the required volume of tent rather than having to maintain those conditions through 10 feet of tent even when the plants are only 2 feet tall
  2. Thick walls – Gorilla grow tents are made of 1680D dense nylon.  Most others are made of canvas of 200D – 900D thread densities. This very high thread density makes them highly puncture and tare-resistant
  3. Strong, solid, metal inter-locking frame: definitely stronger than most other tents in the market. But the question is, do you want your tent to be THAT strong? The extra thickness and strength comes at a more expensive price :-o
  4. High quality overall: we can’t say it any better than the manufacturer says “No plastic anywhere. Biggest zippers on the market. Diamond reflection technology. Double cinching ducting ports. Tool pouch. Bug resistant pre-filters. Sturdy flood pool. Attention to detail EVERYWHERE

Here’s what we don’t necessarily like about Gorilla grow tents

The PRICE! These are considerably more expensive than most other grow tents. The “Tallest, Thickest, Strongest and Highest Quality” doesn’t come cheap. There’s no doubt that all that is good stuff to have. But the real question is that do you really need your grow tent to be that strong, that thick, to be plastic-free and bullet-proof etc.? When you can buy a high-quality grow tent from a different brand for about 1/2 the price, would you still go for a Gorilla grow tent?

Different sizes of Grow Tents available

2’x2.5′ Amazon Image 2′ x 4′ Amazon Image 4’x4′ Amazon Image 5’x9′ Amazon Image
8’x8′ Amazon Image 9′ x 9′ Amazon Image 9’x9′ Amazon Image 10’X20′ Amazon Image

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