Pros and Cons of LED Lights

The benefits of LED grow lights Smallest, most light weight, least space occupying type of grow light Easy to install, just plug-and-play – no need for ballasts, special outlets, breakers, or electricians Mercury-free, thus eco-friendly Most lumens of light per watt – thus most energy efficient, cheap on the electric bill Least heat producing – non-damaging to plant Longest lifespan – 50,000 – 100,000 + hours (that's as much as 15 years) The ability to mix LEDs emitting various … [Read more...]

TaoTronics 324 watt Red, Blue, White and IR 6-Band LED Panel

6 bands/wave lengths - Red (660nm 630nm), Blue (460nm,410nm), White (6500K) and Infra red (730nm) 108 LEDs altogether = 84 Red + 12 Blue + 6 White + 6 IR () Wattage: 3 watts per LED: 3w X 108 = 324 watts.  (Note from manufacturer: rated power of each LED is 3W, but the actual power has been adjusted to 2W to match its cooling system and to extend their lifespan. This results in a total of 2W X 108 = 216 watts) Life span: 50,000 hours Has a 90 degree optical lens: strengthens light … [Read more...]